Horror Music Composer and Musician

Imagine a scene showing a field. A field with a tree in the middle. In that tree you see a little girl. You see her back, as she is facing the other way. Suddenly, she falls to the ground, and horror music starts playing. What do you imagine happens next? Instead of something dark, imagine a light, cheerful melody played on the flute. You probably expect her to stand up, laughing at her own clumsiness. Now imagine a cello playing a sad melody, accompanied by a piano. Things might be serious now! She might be hurt badly. We should check soon whether she is okay!

Film Music

Obviously I absolutely love music. And as you've found this site, you probably do as well. But I love music the most when it teams up with another medium. When it helps another medium convey certain emotions. In the example above, the emotion of the scene isn't clear without context. Should we feel alarmed by the girl falling? Or should we find it cute? Or perhaps, we should feel scared by the girl. She seemed to have survived the fall without a scratch. She might not be from this world.

Music can define a story, and there is always the danger of music taking over. When creating music for a film, this is one of the tightropes you have to cross. Music needs to enhance the story, without taking over. This is the case for every medium music accompanies, whether for games or real life applications like escape rooms. The same applies in all the cases, the role of music is an extremely interesting one.

Horror Music

Horror Music Composer and Musician

Music can accompany a wide ranges of films, and a wide range of genres. Though I like film music for all genres, I think horror music is the most interesting one. This is because of many reasons. For one, this music relies heavily on crazy, unearthly sounds. A distorted piano, a voice that plays backwards or a gong sound cut up to pieces. In horror music, everything is allowed. This fits me as I love experimenting in this way. I also love the creativity composers have to show because of this. A score for a horror film also does not need to be beautiful all the time. A horrific scene might be better of with nasty sounding music. Balancing nice and nasty sounding music to perfectly accompany a horror film is another challenge, that makes this music all the more interesting.

What I do

This website is dedicated to all my activities as a composer and as a musician. The thread binding all these activities being my love for dark and horror music. First of all I compose horror music as Ghost Stories Incorporated. All Ghost Stories Incorporated songs can be found in the Spotify Playlist on this page. I also create custom music for movies, mainly horror movies. For more info on this, please visit my film score composer I'm also available as a session violist playing the viola - the evil twin brother of the violin - which I explain in more detail on my session musician page. Finally, I sometimes cover my favourite songs with a horrifying twist.